The following operations are carried out in 3 enclosures with a total area of 3000 sqm and a height of 11m, equipped with the equipment below:



Cutting sheet metal on the 1x CNC SAF machine, with 2-a oxyfuel cutting heads and 1 end for plasma. Maximum cutting dimensions for:

            plasma: ≠ 15 x L max 6000mm x l max 2500mm

            oxyfuel: ≠ 120 x L max 6000mm x l max 2500mm

  • Cutting on alternative / continuous saws 2 x BOMAR, max Ø 320mm


5 x Overhead cranes, for weights up to 16 tons

16 x SAF & Lincoln – MIG / MAG Welding Equipment & Inverters

2 x SIEGMUND – plasma-nitrate locksmith table 6000x2000mm

4 x Conventional assembly tables

1 x Hydraulic press for 200 To sheet metal profile

1 x Radial drilling machine

4 x Vertical drilling machines

1 x Conventional Abkant for sheet metal bending up to max # 5mm x L 1000mm

1 x Calender for rolling sheet metal up to max # 20mm x L2000mm